Sweeping machine BSH

Sweeping machines BSH with collection bunker for big loaders

Sweeping machines BS can sweep, collect and pick up dirt and trash. This machine is designed for big loaders, telehandlers and frontloaders. Big road sweeper with bug bunker provides effective work in any conditions. The sweeping machine’s ring is 915 mm and it is the biggest in the market. The bigger ring makes sweeper’s lifetime longer and for this reason, one should not change sweeping rings too often. BSH sweeping machines can sweep directly and has a reverse function. One can use the bucket collection container without a sweeping machine. The bucket can be used for grading work while hydraulic cylinders are lifting the sweeping device. Sweeping machines BSH with collection bunker for big loaders.

Sweeping machine BSH benefits

  • Professional design. Padagas professional road sweeper produced to make the job more efficient. Adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  • Powerful sweeper. High torque two hydraulic motors for more power in the bucket brush, so powerful hydraulic engine for long life.
  • High-quality parts. Most importantly is that all parts used in Padagas sweepers are from well-known brands.
  • Easy Maintainance. The sweeping brushes are easy to change. Order extra brushes directly from us. Sweeping machines BS with collection bunker for dust.

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Sweeping machine BS with collection bunker for dust. Street sweeper.

Suspension systems:

  • BSH professional sweeper is produced with a universal connection for any type of brackets.
TECHNICAL DATA BS H-230 BS H-250 BS H-280 BS H-300
Width, mm 2657 2857 3157 3357
Working width, mm 2303 2503 2803 3003
Bucket capacity, using bucket only, m3 1,32 1,44 1,61 1,72
Bucket capacity, while sweeping, m3 0,93 1,01 1,13 1,21
Weight, kg 888 930 995 1037
Brush ring diameter, mm 915
hydraulic motor 2
Oil pressure min/recomended/max, bar 125/150/175
Oil flow min/recomended/max, l/min 80/100/150
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  • Sweeping rings

    Bunker in the sweeping machine BS H is used by 915 mm diameter brush.


    BS H has the ability to sweep directly and in reverse order.