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Padagas – professional attachments for tractors, loaders, telehandlers

Tractor attachments – production of these is the main activity of PADAGAS We are Lithuanian capital, family-owned company founded in 1995. In the beginning, the company produced various types of agricultural machinery, but over the time our main activity focused on the production of coupling inventory for tractors and wheel loaders. We are successfully producing and selling inventory for agriculture and utility sector for more than 15 years. Because of experience and knowledge we have, PADAGAS today is the market’s leader in the Baltic States specialized to the production of snow cleaners and sweepers. Padagas – professional attachments for tractors.

We constantly designing new products and improving their quality. Our personnel – qualified, experienced and constantly growing. Factory – modernized, with new and advanced metal-working machinery, as well as a robotized welding station, sandblasting and painting chambers. All products comply with European directives and are marked with CE sign.

That’s why our products are valued both in Lithuanian and foreign markets.

Our slogan – Professionalism. Quality. Durability.

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Padagas – professional attachments for tractors

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