Become a dealer

Why Padagas?

  • Over the past 20+ years JSC “V. Padagas ir Ko” has built a reputation for creating top-quality attachments.
  • Padagas works hard to develop attachments that will drive customers through your doors and help grow your company.
  • Padagas values customer relationships and the sales team is dedicated to finding solutions.



Q: What is the process for becoming a Padagas Dealer?

Complete the Dealer Form below. After application is submitted it will go through a review process and you will be contacted by a Padagas representative. After all we will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: What are the main requirements to become a Padagas Dealer?

1. Must be a registered business.
2. Must sell implements for agriculture and utility sectors.

For more details contact Padagas at +370 6 28 47 664

Q: What warranty do Padagas products carry?

JSC “Padagas ir Ko” products are warranted to be free from defects, in workmanship, for one year from the end user’s date of purchase.

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