V-shaped trapezoidal bucket

Trapezoidal bucket V200.100.90 is suitable not only for grading work but also for the channel cleaning / digging.

Universal bucket is used for unloading and reloading operations in agriculture, grain and other lightweight bulk materials.

V-shaped trapezoidal bucket Features & benefits

The simple and effective PADAGAS Rehandling bucket is proven to work in the constructions, offering customers endless operations and perfect performance in construction works. V-shaped trapezoidal bucket designed for channel cleaning / digging.

  • Long life design. The Padagas team of designers is developing their unique bucket designs to meet the needs of their customers.
  • Most importat – tests. Thanks to our customers who testing our products in different situations. This feadback gives us a lot of information. Customers are confident of fast, easy and clean emptying from the modern design of a strong and reliable bucket that has a high resale value.
  • Optimal capacity. Padagas team all the time analyzes the needs of its customers and the bucket design has evolved over the years to the optimal shape.
  • Bucket blade. The biggest load gets a bucket knife, so this place gets special attention when producing a bucket. Padagas is using special welding technology to weld bucket blade in right way.
  • Brackets for loaders. Bucket brackets You can choose by Your loader. We are producing brackets for telehandlers, frontloaders, excavators and other type of loaders. V-shaped trapezoidal bucket designed for channel cleaning / digging.

V-shaped trapezoidal bucket designed for channel cleaning / digging.




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Width (top), mm1992
Width (bottom), mm333
Height, mm1054
Depth, mm930
Weight, kg452
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    V-shaped bucket is used for grading and ditching, channel cleaning / digging works.

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