Universal sweeper PI-BH (with collector box)

Universal sweeper PI-BH model is suitable for cleaning and sweeping of warehouses, roads, parking lots and other spaces. Sweeper is driven by with two efficient hydraulic motors. Sweeping machine is easily adaptable for wheel loaders, forklift loaders or front loaders. Brush diameter is 600 mm. Beeline PPN sweeping rings are used for brush.

PI-BH standard model has a mechanical turn, adjustable screw castors and garbage collection container.

Customers could order water system (1 tank 146 l, or 2 tanks 292 l total), hydraulic side brush, hydraulic sweepers turning mechanism, or wire brush rings as option.

Sweeping machine BS benefits

  • Profesional design. Padagas Bucket sweeper produced to make the job more efficient. Adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  • Powerfull sweeper. High torque motor for more power in the bucket brush, so powerful hydraulic engine for long life.
  • High quality parts. Most importantly is that all parts used in Padagas sweepers are from wel known brands.
  • Easy metainance. The sweeping brushes is easy to change. Order extra brushes directly from us.  Universal sweeper PI-BH – brush for tractors and loaders.

Universal sweeper PI-BH - brush for tractors and loaders.




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Additional accessories:

  • Hydraulic angling
  • Water system
  • Side brush

Suspension systems:

  • Three-piont
  • Triangle
  • Frontloader (Euro)
  • Wheeloader
  • Telescopic loader
  • Mini loader
Total width, mm18752080237527763336
Working width, mm15471770204724472884
Working width angled, mm14151580187022352600
Mechanical angling25o
Weight without bracket, with dirt collector, kg535564606683743
Capacity of dirt collector, m30,220,250,290,350,4
Brush ring diameter, mm600
Drive1 Oil motor2 Oil motor
Oil pressure min/recomended/max, bar125/150/175125/150/175
Oil flow min/recomended/max, l/min40/50/7580/100/150



  • Suspension systems

    Suspension system of sweeping machine PI-BH can be easily changed and adapted to most wheel loaders, forklifts, telescopic and front loaders.

  • Wheel adjustment

    Sweeping machine PI-HB with adjustable auger castors

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