Professional road sweeper PROFI H

Sweeping machine professional road sweeper Profi H street sweeper

We will show You how to work in road cleaning in a professional way!

In fact: These industrial sweepers are most wanted in the Scandinavia market!

Sweeping machine professional road sweeper PROFI H industrial sweeper has a robust quality and is a powerful sweeping machine. This machine is suitable for sweeping and cleaning of the roads, park lots, warehouses and other large spaces. PROFI H is running with the help of two hydraulic engines. The sweeping shaft consists of 800 mm diameter Beeline sweeping rings. This model’s sweeping machine has an auger shaft and adjustable sweep height scale on both sides. Sweeping machine professional road sweeper Profi H street sweeper

This model is suitable for tractors, telehandlers and another type of loaders. Tractor sweeper can be used on front or back tractor sides. Easy mounting and easy working processes. Telehandler sweeping machine has many possibilities to clean a road.

PROFI H has a vertical and horizontal surface of the copy function (3D copy function) and also a large capacity garbage collection container. Big and strong 400 mm diameter support wheels allow the machine to move easily and overcome obstacles on the road. Sweeper machine‘s construction allows collecting all garbage in the container. Also, PROFI H can sweep without container when the box is lifted.

Standard PROFI H: sweeping machine, hydraulically turned out garbage container, hydraulic turning (20°), support wheels. Sweeping machine professional road sweeper Profi H street sweeper

Professional road sweeper PROFI H benefits

  • Professional design. Need to reach better productivity? The quality of Your services depends on the machines? You are in the right place to get the best product! Adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  • Powerful sweeper. High torque motor for more power in the bucket brush, so powerful hydraulic engine for long life.
  • High-quality parts. Most important point is, that all parts used in Padagas sweepers are from well-known brands.
  • Easy Maintainance. You can easily change the brush elements because our design team works hard to create a unique sweeper design. Sweeping machine professional sweeper PROFI H street brush for the loader.
  • Order extra brushes directly from us.

Sweeping machine professional road sweeper Profi H street sweeper



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Additional accessories:

  • Water system
  • Side brushes (ablitiy to mount 2 side brushes)
  • Side lamps

Suspension system:

  • Three-point / triangle
  • Frontloader (Euro)
  • Wheeloader
  • Telescopic loader
  • Forklift loader
Total width, mm230527053050
Working width, mm184222422542
Working width angled, mm169820982398
Hydraulic angling20o
Weight with bracket and dirt collector, kg705839940
Capacity of dirt collector, m30,350,420,47
Brush ring diameter, mm800
Drive2 oil motors
Required oil flow l/min

at max 200 bar


  • PROFI H video demonstration



  • Suspension system

    Sweeping machine‘s PROFI H system is easily exchangeable and adaptable to most wheel loaders, forklifts, telescopic and front loaders.

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