Street sweeper PG (PTO driven)

Street sweeper PG driven with PTO for tractors, loaders

PG model’s street sweeper is suitable for cleaning and sweeping of the roads, warehouses, parking spots, yards and other areas. This model is very popular in the utility sector. It’s recommended in the winter season: PG sweeper is used to cleaning the snow from sidewalks, paths or parking sites. The broom is unique, because of it’s mechanical drive. The machine is rear-mounted on the 3-point bracket. Drive – PTO with 6 or 8 slices to the tractor. PG sweeper could be front-mounted, in case, if tractor’s shaft spins 540rpm/min to both sides.

 This sweeping machine can be used even with the low power tractors. Small tractors usually do not have enough oil flow for the use of hydraulic brooms. You can choose sweeping broom with 520 mm, 600 mm or even 700 mm Beeline rings and combined broom with plastic and wire sweeping rings. PG’s pneumatic wheels are  400 mm in diameter. These wheels help to better use the machine when driving through the potholes.

 This sweeping machine PG has three-point suspension, adjustable pneumatic wheels, the mechanical setting of rotation angle and 520 PPN sweeping rings or 700 PPN if you order PG-30. Street sweeper PG (PTO driven) mounted back Padagas.

Street tractor sweeper PG (PTO driven) benefits

  • Professional design. Need to reach better productivity? The quality of Your services depends on the machines? You are in the right place to get the best product! Adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  • Powerful sweeper. High torque motor for more power in the bucket brush, so powerful hydraulic engine for long life.
  • High-quality parts. Most important point is, that all parts used in Padagas sweepers are from well-known brands.
  • Easy Maintainance. You can easily change the brush elements because our desinger team works hard to create a unique sweeper design. Street sweeper PG (PTO driven) mounted back Padagas.
  • Order extra brushes directly from us.

Street sweeper PG driven with PTO for tractors, loaders




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Addition accessories:

  • Hydraulic angling
  • Water system

Attachement system:

  • Three-point hitching
Total width, mm16502150247726503277
Working width, mm13941893220024003000
Working width angled, mm12231655199420902719
Mechanical angling25o25o25o25o25o
Weight with bracket, kg270300317335417
Brush ring diameter, mm520700
DriveMechanical, from PTO trough




  • Control

    From  the cardan shaft – mechanical drive


    Castors are adjusted with the help of a chock while sweeping rings are fraying.

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