Smart sand spreader for professional use


Large sand spreader SP-9000 comes on wheels and designed for heavy professional work. SP-9000 is a great choice for those who need to spread large parking lots, streets, walkways, bicycle paths and other large areas. This sand spreader is designed for tractors which have from 60 HP and has hydraulic breaks and hydraulic control.

The sand spreader on the wheels is designed for efficient and economical road spreading. And from now this spreader is smart! It is the newest and most modern Padagas product, which has been tested for more than a year with various factions and weather conditions. Such long preparation for serial production ensures that the product is complete and fit for professional work.

This type of sand spreaders has big container volume – 9 m³. With this type of container, you can work in a long distance without additional sand loading to the bucket. The spreader is working by a hydraulic engine. SP-9000 has hydraulic brakes and mechanical parking brake.  Also, sand spreader has LED lights that in the dark other road users would clearly see the sand spreader. Smart sand spreader for professional use Padagas.

Modern control is economical and efficient work

The newest Padagas sand spreader comes complete with smart controls. This control ensures that the spreading material will be evenly distributed and economically adjusted to the speed of the tractor. In other words, the amount of sand is adjusted to the driving speed.

The sand spreader’s internal computer receives signals from the ABS sensor on the axle, calibrating the data and transmit the signal to the hydraulic motor which adjusting speed of the main spreading roller.

  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Easy to use.
  • SMART control allows spreading the right amount of sand by tractor speed.
  • ABS sensor control spreader speed and adjusting sand spreading debit.
  • User guide & safety instructions included.

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Smart sand spreader for professional use Padagas




Total width, mm2574257425742574
Spreading width, mm2238223822382238
Container volume, m³4,46,489
Total length, mm3783378337833783
Height, mm1875223924982689
Empty weight, kg2200235024402480
Full weight, kg13000130001300013000
Recommended oil flow 160bar., l60606060
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