Buckets PLK-2500

Bucket PLK-2500 for lightweight and bulk materials, i.e., materials with a density of up to 1,000 kg/m3. Grain bucket Light material bucket telehandlers buckets.

The PADAGAS lightweight Buckets are optimised to bring operators maximum efficiency, productivity and reliability in bulk material handling. PLK buckets are reinforced with extra strenghts to support heavy capacities.

Bulk materials buckets Features & benefits

The simple and effective PADAGAS lightweight materials bucket is proven to work in the field, offering customers endless operations and perfect performance in grain handling. Grain bucket Light material bucket telehandlers buckets.

  • Long life design. The Padagas team of designers is developing their unique bucket designs to meet the needs of their customers. Heel wearing plates protect the underside of the bucket, preventing damage and helping extend the buckets life. Smart design combined with top quality components means the bucket is easy to maintain.
  • Most importat – tests. Thanks to our customers who testing our products in different situations. This feadback gives us a lot of information. Customers are confident of fast, easy and clean emptying from the modern design of a strong and reliable bucket that has a high resale value.
  • Optimal capacity. Padagas team all the time analyzes the needs of its customers and the bucket design has evolved over the years to the optimal shape.
  • Bucket blade. The biggest load gets a bucket knife, so this place gets special attention when producing a bucket. Padagas is using special welding technology to weld bucket blade in right way. From this point depends bucket blade long life. Grain bucket Light material bucket telehandlers buckets.
  • Brackets for loaders. Bucket brackets You can choose by Your loader. We are producing brackets for telehandlers, frontloaders, excavators and other type of loaders. Before order give us Your loader model, and we will make bucket for Your loader!

Grain bucket Light material bucket telehandlers buckets





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Width, mm2450
Height, mm1305
Capacity, m32,5
Weight, kg590


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