Tractor loader FL-380

Tractor loader FL-380 is a modern loader which maintained reliability and durability of the former models, however is adapted to modern farming. We have moved parallel bars underneath the arrow in the new FL-380 model, thereby improving the visibility from the cab. Accurately selected loader‘s installation position which reduces the load of the front axle. Mechanical loader part is produced from fine-grained steel, which guarantees lightness and strength. FL-380 front loader is available with larger diameter oil plugs. Sleeves with the polymeric base are used in the loader’s frame.

The new model’s loader design makes it possible to hitch every tool automatically. To hitch a working tool you will take the same amount of time like to combine hydraulic pores of the tool and loader. You will disconnect working tools in one easy hand movement. You won’t need the additional tools to disconnect the loader from the tractor. Supporting legs are fixated easily without any additional tools.

A more efficient and faster work is also guaranteed by the improvements of working tool control. You can turn backwards used operating tools during lifting of the truck. This significantly facilitates loading of the bulk cargo and will make it more useful. When lowering the loader – the tool’s operating position is set.

This is modern frontloader which perfectly meets you needs!

Lifting force daN (kg):

Power 145 bar 180 bar
M1 1100 1410
M2 950 1190
N1 1410 1800
N2 1210 1530
Q1 1710 2190
Q2 1470 1860