Lawn sweeper – G70

Lawn sweeper G70 is designed for effective cleaning

Lawn sweeper G70 is used for effective cleaning of sidewalks, bicycle paths, courtyards and all paths which are covered with tiles, asphalt or stones. PADAGAS offers you to purchase an effective sweeping machine adapted for the surface cleaning from weeds. Sweeping machine G70 is driven by hydraulic motor. Excavator broom sweeper machine for lawns G70 Padagas attachment.

Most important points in bucket brushes are:

  • Hydraulic engine. Padagas working only with top quality brands and therefore offering durable products.
  • Brushes. Top quality brushes give the possibility to work in a long way. The sweeping brushes are easy to change.
  • Reliable design and easy control.

Sweeping solutions

Padagas Bucket Brush series is premium level equipment with strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other bucket brush in the market today.

Padagas sweeping solutions are cost-effective and versatile for use with telehandlers, enabling the professional contractor to clean surfaces after dirty work. This economic solution is made from only the highest quality products, leading to high resale value and low cost of ownership. Excavator broom sweeper for lawns G70 Padagas attachment.

Tractor sweeping machine benefits

  • Professional design. Need to reach better productivity? The quality of Your services depends on the machines? You are in the right place to get the best product! Adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  • Powerful sweeper. High torque motor for more power in the bucket brush, so powerful hydraulic engine for long life.
  • High-quality parts. Most important point is, that all parts used in Padagas sweepers are from well-known brands.
  • Easy Maintainance. You can easily change the brush elements because our designer team works hard to create a unique sweeper design.
  • Order extra brushes directly from us.

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Excavator broom sweeper machine for lawns G70 Padagas attachment.




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BracketHXF 2302 mechanical
Height, m*0,66
Brushes materialMetal/ Plastic
DriveOil motor
Required flow, L/min25
Weight, kg*46

*Settings are approximate and can differ from the real data received.




  • Control

    Broom sweeper for lawns G70 is controlled by hydraulic motor.

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