New product – mulcher-shredder MP

2023-04-28 08:14
New product – mulcher-shredder MP
We are presenting new product – mulcher-shredder MP 
This product is is designed for fast work – from mowing/cultivating meadows, clearing overgrown ground from small bushes to shredding straw stubble.
Mulcher-shredder MP features:
☑️ 3 widths:
MP-1050   1,05m
MP-1250   1,25m
MP-1450   1,45m ;
☑️Recommended for 15-45HP tractors;
☑️Rear mounting;
☑️ Product made in Lithuania;
☑️ Direct from the manufacturer;
☑️ Can be supplied with knives or hammers;
☑️ Adjustable cutting height;
☑️ Adjustable, strong support roller at the back;
☑️ Protective chains;
☑️ Powder coated;
☑️ Supplied with drive shaft and transmission oil;
☑️ Warranty 12 months